In the present world more and more people have become lethargic. The reasons for this condition can be several such as poor diet, and workload. Following good diet plan as compare to the improper diet plan is beneficial, but unfortunately people prefer fast and junk food these days that is not beneficial to maintain optimal health.

These food items have adverse effects on metabolism, and the performance of metabolic system is also affected. When the food does not provide required nutrients to the body low energy levels are experienced. There are several other reasons for lack of energy as well which include

  • Depression 
  • Lack of sound sleep 
  • Inactive life style
  • Too much use of caffeinated drinks
  • Excessive alcohol intake 
  • Smoking 
  • Allergies can cause lack of energy as well
  • Diabetes 
  • High blood pressure for extended periods of time 
  • Disorders of thyroid 
  • Cancer of any type 
  • Treatments for cancer or chemotherapy to eradicate cancer cells
  • Hepatitis 
  • Side effects of any drug 
  • Infections that are not significant 
  • Improper functioning of adrenal system 

Energy supplements are used to combat low energy levels caused by any of these reasons. There is a range of supplements to boost energy levels; however there are some that contain stimulants such as ginseng, guarana, caffeine, and some other ingredients to boost energy levels can drain the energy later in a day. Try choosing the supplement with multivitamins, minerals, protein etc to have higher energy levels. 



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