If you are really serious to lose weight you must be committed to adopt a healthy life style first. There are many short cuts like crash dieting, but they don’t give long term results, and they should be avoided due to the adverse side effects they cause to one’s health. When you plan exercises for weight loss there are several things that you should keep in mind such as

  • All body parts should be involved in exercise because to shape up all body parts is important in weight loss program. 
  • Bursts of exercise are not appreciated so it should move on slowly and gradually. 
   Weight Loss Exercises
  • Running 
    Running is known as the best exercise for weight loss. Regularity is important in running either you are running outside or on treadmill. Some people prefer running in the evening while others like to do it early in the morning, whatever time you choose just don’t forget to be regular. The good thing in this exercise is to target the whole body for weight loss. 
  • Swimming 
    Swimming is an ideal workout for weight loss due the fact that it involves entire body into exercise. Natural resistance of water is useful to increase the number of calories burnt during exercise. 
  • Bicycling 
    Bicycling is appreciated for weight loss as it offers a total body workout as well as strengthens muscles of thighs. Weight loss results are improved through bicycling when the time on bicycle is improved. 
  • Jumping Rope 
    Jumping rope can be easily done at privacy of your home if you can’t go gym on regular basis. It is also one of the ideal exercises for weight loss as it involves entire body. 

These are some of the top exercises for rapid weight loss; however every exercise should be done in moderation to get positive results so plan your exercise schedule according to your body requirements to produce long term positive results. 



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