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January is over, the resolutions of trimming down or bulking up are either in full flow or dwindling in enthusiasm. However, it is no time to fret and by using some of the top fitness apps your schedule can pick up the pace. The popularity of apps means that you can find anything from food tips to sleeping tips on there and they all see you reap benefits.

So,sell your mobile phone, upgrade to an iPhone and get downloading some of these apps to achieve your goals.

Women: Keeping fit

Nike Training Club
A free app useful for both sexes, it basically turns your palm into a personal trainer. The package is comprehensive and includes video guides during the 60 workouts on offer. Set up alerts and take this as the opportunity to get organised and stay fit.

Great for personal training, this uses a progress tracker for motivation. Coming without a cost, you can note down workouts and see where you have improved. Problem areas can be targeted as well – worth having in your collection.

Pocket Yoga
No longer a trend, yoga is one of the most popular gym sessions. But, if you don’t have time for that then these 27 practices for £1.99 can get you started. Variations allow for three difficulty levels and durations as you increase flexibility, strength, posture, breathing, calmness and concentration through a better core which helps you on your way to breaking other targets.

Men: Weight Lifting

Strong Lifts
Brought to you by the website of the same name, this free app claims to be “the simplest and most powerful workout to build muscle”. The tracker tells you what workout you should do and adjust things accordingly. Four and a half star reviews suggest you’re on to a winner.

Anabolic Minds
Another with a four and a half star rating, this app is all about learning and interacting with other enthusiasts. With a specific interest in bodybuilding the interesting articles and useful discussion are very helpful.

Fitness Builder
When it comes to apps, this is one of the priciest on the market. But, unlike many things the £6 you spend is good value. Coming with a month’s free trial you get 200 workouts with more than 2,000 videos or images as you understand more about weight training and fitness in general. Calculators, tracking and timers as standard, you can upgrade it for even more tips and advice.

These are the best six for targeted fitness. If you are looking for a cardio workout then RunKeeper Pro and/or Couch to 5k are great options for improving your abilities. Additionally, free nutrition apps like Lose It, Good Food Near You and Nutrition Tips are all worth a look.



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