This guide is worthwhile for those who desire to have bulky muscles, but are unaware how to do it? Here some effective exercises are described that can provide the best outcome when they are used in conjunction to each other. In order to be successful in this plan following instructions should be followed so that the best results can be produced. It is so important to use the bodybuilding supplements as well for producing the best results along with exercise.

Do cycle twice for the first two weeks, and don’t do any exercise with the gap of 30 seconds rest in between. As soon as the first cycle gets complete it is essential to take rest for two minutes before starting the next cycle. After two weeks increase the number if cycles from two to three, and for jumping to more weight increase the weight gradually not more than 10 %.

  1. First and foremost exercise is bent leg with raised knee, and it is done by lying on back. Relax the head. And neck by putting hands near butt. It is important to put feet flat on the floor. Abdominal muscle must be lower down so that knees can be raised towards rib cage in this position feet will be lower back to the previous position.
  2. It is the exercise that is called V-up, and to do this it is important to lie down the body into straight line with arms folded on the chest. Legs need to be kept together as they rise up toward hips.
  3. Next step of the program is part of the palates, and for this one need to be in push up position with bent elbows.
  4. Next part of the exercise is triceps pulls down, and it is an easy exercise. The important thing about this exercise is that body should be in a straight line, and in this position abdomen should be pulled in.
  5. Leg extension machines help in leg extensions while feet in the bads. Lift the pads till the limit of your leg extension.
  6. Bicep curls are easy to do with dumbbell, and barbell.



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